Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Working Mom....My Executive Mummy !

Reference:November 27,2006 India Today, "The Mummy Factor"
As this eye opening article by Ms Kaveri Bamsai beautifully describes

"Children of working women have usually been portrayed as freaks and as objects of sympathy.Moms or Ammas are shown in Tv Ads as those with sari and hair put up and making puris,steaming cups of tea and magically removing stains......"

Well is this all a mother has to offer her family?I agree that women do certain chores perfectly than men,and thats because she is genetically created that way by God.That doensnt mean she has to be destined in the kitchen and locked up in the house all her life.Now there are ladies who loves to be just "House wives" and relax.I would say its not the urge to be just a house wife.Its because there are certain ladies who are not very outgoing,and would like to be in a shell.For those its a good option!But for those who have had a 3 or 4 year professional degree cannot afford to do it.Their scruples wouldnt allow it.
Working women not only can help the family monetary wise,she can also work for the society and gain satisfaction and respect.But the only loop hole is women should find enough time for the family.She can be in stress in this situation.She has to look after the home and the family.She can be in stress in this situation.She has to look after the home and the family,get to work on time.Definitely she will be more stressful than her partner.But again its her responsibility to balance all this to be a "perfect" wife,"perfect"daughter inlaw and "perfect"mom.I think a woman gains more self respect when she is a working woman.Staying at home can cause friction with relatives and inlaws making life all the more miserable..Husbands get to accept the capabilities and qualities his wife has other than looking after the family.She gains respect,appreciation,care and love from him for being an allrounder.But guys do remember one thing,ladies should not be lazy creeps in the name of the job she has.She has to know how to prepare her hubby's and kid's favourite dishes and should know exactly where all the groceries are kept in the kitchen.Only if she is perfect in her home chores can she outsource this work to a maid.
I know ladies who dont even know how to cook rice or a cup of tea in the name of the corporate work they have.Thats a very bad and shameful excuse to depend on your maid for every little thing.Thats failure and a lazy mom.Being a corporate mom and failing at home.....Those ladies by the time you get back home from work you will have a "maid" managing you!!!! So beware ! You ladies out there do what you are supposed to do and be a perfect wife and mom before you go out to work!!!!!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fanaa..a refreshing hindi movie

Fanaa is different from the various hindi movies I have seen.A person who expects a normal hindi movie treatment might be dissappointed.This is because Fanaa is different in its own way.Frankly speaking it touched my heart.Its not a fairy tale or love triangle or college campus or night clubs or vulgarity or commercial hindi film formulas, that Fanaa is trying to bring forth.Its the pure love story of a blind girl Zooni and a terrorist Rehaan.Fanaa has portrayed the beauty of Delhi,Agra and Kashmir(Though second half of the movie was shot in Poland for shooting conveniences)
Fanaa has proved many facts:
1. Patriotic feeling
2. True Love
3. Picturised the real beauty of India
4. Heart throbbing music
5. Beautifully picturised songs
6. Climax that keeps u on the edge
7. The storyline - unheard and impressive story
8. The career success of actress Kajol

The last point forces me to speak more on it.Kajol shows a success path to all those married actresses.She looks ten times gorgeous than she was before.She has proven that she is here to stay in Bollywood.

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