Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fanaa..a refreshing hindi movie

Fanaa is different from the various hindi movies I have seen.A person who expects a normal hindi movie treatment might be dissappointed.This is because Fanaa is different in its own way.Frankly speaking it touched my heart.Its not a fairy tale or love triangle or college campus or night clubs or vulgarity or commercial hindi film formulas, that Fanaa is trying to bring forth.Its the pure love story of a blind girl Zooni and a terrorist Rehaan.Fanaa has portrayed the beauty of Delhi,Agra and Kashmir(Though second half of the movie was shot in Poland for shooting conveniences)
Fanaa has proved many facts:
1. Patriotic feeling
2. True Love
3. Picturised the real beauty of India
4. Heart throbbing music
5. Beautifully picturised songs
6. Climax that keeps u on the edge
7. The storyline - unheard and impressive story
8. The career success of actress Kajol

The last point forces me to speak more on it.Kajol shows a success path to all those married actresses.She looks ten times gorgeous than she was before.She has proven that she is here to stay in Bollywood.

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