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Reading is not one of my hobbies as everyone mentions it as one bulleted point in their CVs. Well I mean I won’t read any 500 page novel you give me and convince me however interesting it was.

But yes during my teenage and college times I used you read Famous Five, Secret Seven, Sherlock Holmes, Sidney Sheldon, Archies and of course Mills & Boons. But those had really catchy story lines and had lot of Mystery, Suspense and Fiction that kept you glued till the last page. I feel I had the patience to read those books simply because there was no personal TV or internet in my hostel room or it was my vacation time. Otherwise I used to always be studying J

“Losing My Virginity” The Autobiography of Richard Branson-This Best Seller was just like any other book in my Husband’s large library.(You can find books on any topic ranging from “How to Sell and Effective Management”, “Encyclopedias”, “APJ’s Wings of Fire” to the last edition of Business line.)

One day after returning from office I had a bad headache, after my Daily Sudoku war.I was just lying down on the bed, when my hand accidently found this book.His face was familiar and even the name “Virgin”. But I was not sure what it was about .

After reading the first page,I think my headache took a jetplane to an unknown location that I was drifted to an entirely different European Countryside era where Branson was born and the early 1950’s till today. He is lucky to have parents who supported him and encouraged him to whatever creative idea he had. This book is candid and humorous too. This incredible and unusual man bares even his soul to accomplish the task he has undertaken. Some have called him “Madman” because of his strange innovation,insight and commitment ideas to the future. But that was an era when he hadn’t proved himself. Today “Virgin” is one of the biggest and happening Business empires of the world. The name “Virgin” was chosen by one of his girlsfriends whose count I lost while on the 50th page of this 600 page book.. :) :)

Right from the start of Virgin Records today called Virgin Music…..and then Virgin Airways, Virgin Cola, Virgin Energy, Virgin Money, Virgin Territory, Virgin Unite etc etc till to the latest “Virgin Galactic” which will open doors to a new era of commercial space travel.I wish I could travel for a vacation on Virgin Galactic to the Moon or Mars in the future.”Tubular Wells” by Mike Oldfield was a significant turning point for the Virgins Records.

Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has gone on to grow very succesful businesses in sectors ranging from mobile telephony, to transportation, travel, financial services, leisure, music, holidays, publishing and retailing.Virgin has created more than 200 branded companies worldwide, employing approximately 50,000 people, in 29 countries. Revenues around the world in 2006 exceeded £10 billion (approx. US$20 billion).

Man this Richard Branson is indeed another Albert Einstein mixed with Bill Gates or rather APJ Abdul Kalaam mixed with Vijay Mallya. What I mean to say is “Invention and Innovation” mixed with “Smart Business” takes you to the Top.Making a difference in the customers eyes that’s their motive. Believe it or not he is just a normal man, who just couldn’t get his Maths and English spellings right. But he always took up challenges that he would have created for himself, be it the adventurous yet extremely Dangerous Virgin hotair ballon rides to the now Virgin Galactic where he’s going to travel into space so casually as you traveled by bus like on any other day.

To conclude I would say guys do read this book without fail. He is a true inspiration to all those innovative, young businessmen out there. His story proves how hard work pays one day, even when people around you laughed and called you crazy saying your dreams are weird. He is a modern living legend. He is also lucky to have a very supportive , brave and loving family.

I’m a fan of his at the 100th page so don’t know what will happen at the 573rd page !!!! :-)

To know more about the Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson do visit or

……May be continued after I finish reading the book! :-)

Signing off for now………

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Gone are the days....

Gone are the days when parents whip their kids to learn the alphabets or numbers correctly or tell them by heart.Not only does it cause mental strain to the kids but also makes learning an averting experience for them. Today life has changed a lot.Long before kids had the experience of running around their ancestral house and do naughty things...and be on their own ie imaginative and creative spree.Today kids gets to see only four walls of their room..go to school,come back from school,have their food,have a nap,do their homework and go for tuitions!!!Oh my God how can I forget that....That ends the day.What a plight!Tuitions today is a fashion..or I should say a unnecessary necessity.Students go for tuition just because their peers go for tuition or mainly because their parents force them to do so.What if they loose a rank?Which means popularity,photo sessions,press meets....Parents taking their kids for tuition..what a waste of money,time,petrol and self confidence??!!!I did my 12th std without a routine tuition..well I did attend a vacation class for chemistry just because I found the topics tough.But I thought ill take a chance...let me see what happens!!To my surprise and by Gods grace due to my systematic study and careful attention in class I got an easy 82 percentage..well many people who went for extensive tuition cudnt get that.
About kids today...I feel learning should be made an enjoyable experience for them...for example
you can view the various sessions there that kids would love to enjoy...well when they enjoy they will learn it...U dont need to force them to study..we should promote elearning for kids in this generation.Its more quick,eye catching and develops their IQ better.Well when I got fully computer literate by the age of 18,my son who is 3 yrs old is computer literate already! Well he started singing the Nursery Rhyme "Baa Baa black sheep" even before he was 1 yr old...just because he would hear our development team working on the software daily. The internet is booming today whether it be education,online stores,communities,search engines....Since the internet is filled with junks of information ,you should rely on trusted sources!
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