Friday, January 09, 2009

Whats in a name???

“Sharon Ann Elsa Tom George”,,,Howzzit?? Pretty sophisticated, modern and seems like a person of substance. Well, I still wonder why you require 2 names….leave alone 4 or 5 names? When u name your pet you just pick one name…I have never heard of pets with double names like “Tiger Brown”….But just imagine the plight of this kid who has to carry her own name, church name,grand mothers name, fathers name, grandfathers name etc all in her very own name…..too heavy right?
Its understandable when we say the second name is the Surname - The name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name).It shows which family u belong to. Distinguishing us from other family members without confusion.This is necessary as the generation grows. We need to identify ourselves to the coming generations.
So I feel my name is fine.. (not boasting here)… Priya Thomas (Priya means dear) Thomas my dad’s name. Well my husband’s surname was also Thomas. So I was lucky to not change my name  after marriage.
I have had an experience….A simple questions to a kid at a party..”Whats your good name”…the kid didn’t know what to say..She looked at her mom…I was shocked…..then came the answer….”My name is Ria”…her mom hurriedly said….we call her “Tinku”at home…at school teachers call her “Twinkle” because her eyes twinkle like stars they say……..In church her name is “Elsa”….Her official name is “Ria Elsa Jagan”…what a pain……..I wondered….why all these names? I’m not saying your kids shouldn’t have a pet name…Having all these names are also fine…..but imagine the plight of the kid having to look up at her mom to say which name……..She is not sure how she should identify herself…..Its like writing a 10 page CV which at the end is not at all impressive to the employers. Make it short and precise and to the point.
What about those tongue twister names? I feel its a torture to the kids. They wouldn’t be able to tell their names well until they are atleast 4 years old. These tongue twister names are chosen with great pain by the parents..usually moms…..from big big baby name books and websites. Well I appreciate the effort taken by anyone to put a meaningful name for their precious children. But most often we see they end up in strange, high fashion, tongue twister names that they are least bothered about whether the kid would be able to utter it. I feel they choose names such a way that it should reflect their status, style statement, celebrity craze (Ive heard of a lot of sushmitas after Sushmita Sen got the Miss universe Title), fascination towards certain personalities end up kids having those names and parents pressurizing them to be like those people…for Example Nafisa Ali-Social Worker and ex Miss India…So the information that goes down the kid is ohh Ive been named after her..So I should be like her or try to be like her….Priyanka Gandhi or Priyanka Chopra…Tom Cruise…Nisha Pillai….Arundati Roy…..Queen Rania…Sachin Tendulkar…..Princess Diana…….Angelina Jolie…John Abraham…Lisa Ray…Aishwarya Rai Bacchan…All these have become style names..just because they have made a brand out of themselves. We need not copy them? Why should we.??We should always try to make a name for ourselves……Whether it be a Sushmita Thomas or a Manju Pillai…Never try to imitate somebody else..By naming your kids after famous personalities..they are taught not to think out of the box…..Let them be free..Give them a name you would love to call them with…..Rather than dreaming how to make them the next beauty Queen or actress….Let them identify their talents and help them to nurture it…..and inturn become a famous personality by their own efforts.
Give your precious little one a beautiful name that definitely should have a meaning..from wherever or whichever language you have chosen the name. It definitely should have a meaning, shouldn’t be too long and tongue twisting. Identifiable with the family backgrounds and last but not the least, the kid should be confident of his/her name and personality as he/she grows up. Otherwise what’s in a name??!!!!

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