Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taare …Meri Jeevan Mein…

Hey now I understood why Aamir Khan kept showing Ishaans liking towards water and fish…Aamir belongs to Pisces Zodiac and its symbol is fish…..

After the Malayalam film Achuvinte Amma this is the movie I really kept crying for some touchy and magnificient scenes that Aamir has created in TZP. Om Shanti Om was a pure entertainer,,,, Hey guys Hindi movies are worth watching now….

No doubt Aamir is here to stay as a director…Kids..Kids..Kids…What a wonderful creation of God….I always think what would life be without kids? What’s the meaning of life? Well we could have pets, plants, art, books, career etc to keep us moving forward.. But still a small life that’s our own is something incomparable. Aamir has beautifully portrayed kids and how valued they are to their parents however physically or mentally challenged they are. Ishaan hats off to you…acting or was he living through the movie?!…..Oops Darsheel Safary that’s Ishaans real name.
Thanks to Aamir on that talk on how parents compare their child to their peers on basis of talents, marks, ranks, sports etc and how it adversely affects their own special personality . Well I know this magnificient movie alone wont bring a change in the people around and the parents within us(there maybe exceptions already or on the way :-)… But I believe our society is changing today but will take time.
If a child doesn’t do well at writing and reading, instead of being whipped he needs to be taken care off and given more attention and find out what his real difficulty is. Whether he needs his eyes to be checked so on could be any of the factors they seeing parents always quarrelling....something serious or even silly that’s disturbing him, that he is not able to concentrate.

Numbers and Alphabets are not the only things that kids need to know.. When they feel the fresh air, see a butterfly in the garden, when they see a puppy cuddling with its mom, pouring water for the plants…helping parents like washing the car, or like Shaun helps me prepare noodles for him. its lots that they learn and experience and feel ..which you cant read from a book. We also need to explain where the kid belongs to ..patriotism he need to go out tomorrow to serve our country..the Love for the nation….people…animals ..plants…this whole environment…..All these should be taught to a kid apart from bookish knowledge. There are kids who grow up outside the country develop a disgust for their own nation.. This is something very bad…If God has created you to be Indian.. Be an Indian wherever you go…There would be a reason He created us Indian…Work for India…..We wouldn’t be justified if we stand out and complain…Like Japan rebuild its nation after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki….we need to work altogether with one aim…With IT booming than ever before, tourism , and ofcourse Bollywood reaching international audience and the Rising Indian Rupee ….India is today creating news…..Create a wonderful nation for us and our kids and our next generation….….

Kids also needs to be corrected whenever required. We also need to show them the world ..I mean kids should learn to love and care other kids whether physically or mentally challenged. We need to let them know how fortunate they are to have good food, shelter, parents, schooling etc.

Children are gifts of God, God gives them to us because He loves us; so that we take care of them experience their love for us and bring them up with utmost care and love. There is one more reason God gives us babies. A lesson or to teach us how great our parents were .Only when I got a baby did I understand the amount of pain, love, patience and time did my parents give to bring me up as a baby. How much I started respecting them after that? God is great!
A must see movie…Don’t miss it….Taare Zameen par….Every child is special…coz its optimism or positive mind that makes our small life meaningful and happy.

Signing off for now………

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Reshma said...

Hey Sara,
You are absolutely talented.i came across ur blog accidently....its beautiful...! your writing syle is so aesthetic and simple,and so creative.Its a blessing Sara !

loved this particular one especially for its last paragraph...!It really touched my heart,cuz thats a fact i have been experiencing since i had my baby,even now...every minute..hats off to all our parents!
"You gotta be one to know one"....:)

keep going,wishing you all the very best and god bless u !!

Reshma :)(ex-ACIS)

Savvy Mom said...

Havent seen the movie yet, but after reading ur blog, i certainly want to!!

Good piece of work, Priya.